Production capability

Universal constantly focuses on providing efficient and effective production with high quality products and excellent after sales services. In order to achieve this, a total of 600,000 sq. ft. of factory floor in China has been equipped with 400 sets of German and Japanese made automatic computerized knitting machines plus and an additional 400 sets of semi-automatic knitting machines, operated by over 2,000 well trained employees. We are able to handle vast orders, generating a monthly output of over 500,000 pieces and 6,000,000 pieces of garments annually.


In order to optimize the use of our resources, we have also introduced the “Lean” production mentality to our production process. At the same time, we are also bringing in the automatic production line system to enhance our management ability. By constantly seeking ways to consolidate our production ability, we are of great value to our customers in terms of products and services.


Besides enhancing our production techniques, we have also kept on expanding into new markets in order to strengthen our production capacity. In turn offering higher production volumes at better prices and higher accuracy in delivery schedules.


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